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High chances of recovery with early detection

The earlier a urological disease is detected, the higher the chances of recovery. As such, preventive check-ups are a good idea for men and women from the age of 40.
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Prevention of urological disorders
Prostate cancer leaflet

What can be done when the prostate becomes enlarged?

Approximately 40% of men in Germany over the age of 50 suffer from treatable problems related to urination.
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BPS leaflet Self test: IPSS questionnaire

What can be done to treat urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is one of the most common health problems out there. It can happen to anyone: young and old, men and women.
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Urinary incontinence leaflet

What can be done to treat urinary stones?

Urinary stones are a common ailment.
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Urinary stones leaflet

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